ADDIE @sheepish_addie

I am Addie! I am a 2 year old sheepadoodle. I am half old English sheepdog, half poodle, and all #ShaggyChic! I am always playful and a canine superdoodle. I love to meet new people and pups, explore town, and herd sheep — errr…my goldendoodle fur-brother, Oliver. My hobbies also include having my photos taken, doing therapy work, and eating dog cookies (but if you don’t have any, human cookies will do just fine, thank you!).


PACKER @letsgopacker

In QUESO you don't know me already, I am Packer, a certified cheesehead. I am the CHEESIEST of the group, always smiling for the camera in hopes I get a SWISS reward. At one year old, people tell me I always look insanely GOUDA for my age. I am very happ-BRIE playing in my backyard, jumping off the porch and digging my way to China. I am GRATE at cuddling but without fail, I always fall asleep during movies. #gopackergo


LOLA @misslolathegoldendoodle

My name is Lola, or Miss Lola Anne for you true Southerners. Although I am from the great North, in snow-country Wisconsin, my blood has thinned out since moving south with my mom to Georgia. Speaking of my mom, she is talented one of us that you can find behind the camera as our squad's photographer. I have to say she is pretty talented but just between you and me, she tells me I am her favorite model. We are the two sweetest Georgia Peaches you will ever meet!


SHELDON @sheldonthedood

I’m Sheldon and I’m the oldest of the Squad. I have a lot of responsibility trying to keep these doods in line, but someone has to do it. I’m the king of side-eye, so if it looks like I’m judging you, don’t worry...I am. If you bring me pizza or a tennis ball, there’s a good chance that I’ll judge you less than I judge everyone else. I hope you enjoy our photos! Or don’t. I don’t care.


CHARLIE @charliegoldthedoodle

Hey girl, hey!! It’s Charlie! Before I get started, let’s get one thing clear: I am On. The. Market. I know I’m always rollin’ with the girls in my Squad, but we are just friends, I promise! Ok- back to business. I have a very important job to do. I am the protector of the Squad! If there is a squirrel that comes anywhere close, I will make sure it knows its place! Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m actually a pretty drama-free dood. I get all of my energy out in agility, lure courses, therapy visits (I’m a working dood!), and long walks. I have to be in tip-top shape to be The Protector and all! (And P.S. I am single. Did I say that already?) 


CHARLIE @quenchmyheart

I am Charlie, the true gentleman of the group. I was raised by my mom to always open doors and how to dress the most dapper of the bunch. She also taught me how to cook the most delicious homemade meals, spaghetti is my specialty! I would love to share a Lady and the Tramp moment with my favorite doodette. I am the calm, laid-back dood of the group, who always makes sure we are looking our best. When I am not out on the town with my squad, I am watching over my little sister, Zelda, or working on my fetch game with my family. Remember, being a true gentleman never goes out of style. 


CEDAR @doodleandthehound

I’m Cedar, a happy camper, quite literally! I live for any adventure that involves camping, hiking, swimming, road tripping, kayaking, beaching or just hanging in a hammock. While I am the youngest dood of the crew, I give the rest of them a run for their money when it comes to the great outdoors. When I am not adventuring with my dood crew, you can find me with my sidekick big sister, Luna (shhh, just between you and me, I think she wishes she could be a doodle.)